Ephemera: Ritchey Brothers & Jack Finnegan (1950s)

On the guitars are Melvin and Galen Ritchey, though I have no idea who Jack Finnegan is -- perhaps the fiddler? The original eBay post for this had said names spelled-out on the rear of the photo. Considering their recordings, it only makes sense that these Delmore-loving brothers would be playing a 6-string and a tenor guitar.


Unknown said…
Left to right:
Jack Finnegan, Ray Bloom, Melvin Nicodemus, Galen Ritchey, Bernard Stuff.
Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
Galen and Melvin were Half-Brothers, same mother, that's why they have a different last name.

Melvin's daughter wrote a book on them. This picture was inside of it with the names. That's how I knew the other guys.

Thanks for posting this, it's a great feeling seeing his music and memory live on. I only hope mine does the same.

Have a great day!
Unknown said…
Oh, I should mention Galen is my grandfather. My mom's dad.