Local Flavor: Harvest Fair Again

Another year, another Harvest Fair in Rochester, VT. I do sound all day for it, often, but also get to play, too. Here's Tom (electric), Ron (drums), and I (bass) in our honky-tonk power-trio format. Bouts of rain cleared the front rows but, thankfully, all the groups had good crowds all day (good to see you, folks)!

Earlier, the jam group from the shop (we're going 1st & 3rd Saturday mornings, again, at 10:30) ran through a good set, too.

And if you're wondering about the 10" speakers filling a park... they're small but they deliver like mad. They're only 20lbs in weight, crisp and clear, loud as heck (I never turn them up past 3), and have plenty of low-end for a bass going DI. I've had all sorts of bands going through them and sounding good. Mix in a sub if you absolutely need the booming kick drum and bass, though. For a "vintage" mix, they're great.