Workshop: L&H Mandola & Heads-Up Changes

Isn't that a good sight to see? That's the long-awaited L&H carved-top mandola that's been in the inventory as upcoming. I should have it finished-off tomorrow if I'm not too overwhelmed with Saturday customers. It has a bit of ugly crunch-damage at the tailpiece area, but I think it will shape-up well.

I've been working like mad on an assortment of smaller/non-guitar instruments for customers and customer-consignment this week. This includes the above mandola, a Gibson lump-scroll (A12) mando, various banjos, and other stuff put on long-term repair. I'm making more of a dent now that most of the summertime shows are over! It feels good.

In the near future I will be making some changes to the business and the blog -- including a bit more blending of my work, family life, and musician life. I'm hoping to do a makeover of the blog itself before the new year to freshen it up, too, as by December I will have been doing some sort of repairs-for-money scheme in the instrument world for a decade. I can assure you all that the more you do this kind of work, the better you get!


Strumdaddy said…
Love the new look - that particular shade of green is perfect for the old-timey country vibe. Hey, now that your site has been finessed, get to work on that L & H mandola so we can all drool over it.
Thanks for all your good work, Doctor