1924 Oscar Wuesthoff 4/4 Violin

This is a spiffy, full-size fiddle made in Newark, NJ by a Mr. Wuesthoff. It has a great, full tone with a sweet top end and clear-but-wide bottom. Unfortunately, it appears to have been refinished at some point, but that and the old repair work don't detract too much from the excellent build quality.

A customer brought this in for service and I reglued a few seams, set the soundpost, soldered a broken part of the chinrest bracket, and gave it a fresh setup. It even came with some good, synthetic-core strings already on it.

The tailpiece, fingerboard, and nut are all ebony. The bridge is a higher-quality adjustable-foot Aubert model -- though I did need to fit its top radius a bit better.

Check out the outrageous maple on the back, sides, and neck!

The pegs are well-fit.


Unknown said…
What would the value of this instrument be?