1950s Victor 1x12" Black Speaker Cabinet

I picked this up to use with my Wangs mini-amp and it's sounding good. The original Alnico-magnet speaker in here (it seems to be a Consolidated product via its stamped code) has mellow mids, a poppy high-end, and a clean/tight bass which gives the amp a nice "Fender-ish" feel in "bright" mode.

It also, you know, looks very cool in its "black Tolex" covering and luggage-style look. It was undoubtedly made to go along with a movie projector amplifier and I bought it in an unmodified state (with all of its pass-through connectors and whatnot attached) and only needed to adjust it a bit to make it a good guitar cabinet. I removed the extras, installed a jack in the rear and wired that up, added a fabric grill cloth (kittens!), and tightened the thing up all over.

The metal Victor insert is a nice touch from the factory, isn't it?

Don't hang your access door via your wiring at home, kids!