1960s Kamaka Pineapple Koa Soprano Ukulele

A local guy brought this in for what it needed -- a glorified setup -- and, like all of my interactions with anything 60s/70s Kamaka, I had an irrational desire bloom in me as soon as I saw it walk in. There's something about the quality of the build and the nod to simple trim and folksiness that does it for me with their instruments. After work, the desire grew a bit more -- but we do own our own gorgeous pineapple Kamaka, so I'm sated for the time being.

This is a "white label" instrument from the '60s and has the chunkier, flatter-looking profile of a Kamaka from that decade. The koa used throughout in this one is quite pretty (especially on the back) and a creamy-orange color. I tend to favor pineapple Kamakas for their wider, sparkly tone, and this one does not let you down when you play it -- it's lively. After doing adjustments it's playing spot-on with 1/16" action at the 12th fret and strung with fluorocarbon strings.

The body is 6 3/4" on the "lower bout" and it has 2 5/8" depth.

The nut is 1 3/8" and the neck profile is a flattish, small, D-shape. The scale is 13 5/8" which gives it the same handling (length-wise) as a Martin uke.


Unknown said…
Jake.. i'm still "pining" for one of these ..