1970s Yamaha G-55A Classical Guitar

Student-level Taiwan-made Yamaha classicals like this G-55A are to be found at just about every decent flea market (in various states), but this one happens to belong to my mother-in-law. It sat under my workbench for a while until I finally gave it a glorified setup. Was I shocked about the tone when it was done? Nope! These always sound nice and full and just a little too warm and boomy. For a student-level instrument that can often be had used under $150, though? These Yamahas kill it.

Work included a light setup and shave of the bridge at the saddle. It's now a healthy player with 3/32" action at the 12th fret.

I have no idea why, but many old Yamahas were finished in a brutal "deep orange" color. This one isn't quite International Orange, but it's getting there.

The flat-profile board sits on a large-size, C-shaped neck. The nut is 2" in width.

The saddle position was 1/8" too far forward from where it should be and the proper intonation slot (and height for the theoretical saddle) correlated exactly with the back edge of the saddle slot on the bridge. So... a bit of surgery later, and it's humming with an "integrated saddle." How's that for rebranding?


Raven said…
hi I have just got the same model from a flea market more beat up than yours, the action is super high though have sanded saddle down as far as I can but still higher than I would like. Have you just removed the saddle and sanded down the front lip of the bridge using the back of the bridge as the saddle?