Music: Electric Plectrum Banjo Ramblings

Today was the first off-day I've had in months where I had a couple of solid hours to just have some downtime by myself. So -- I grabbed some instruments, plugged my amp into my "silent cab," put the headphones on, and actually worked on my music. It's been so long since I've actually just sat, played, and assessed what sort of sounds I want to go for in a live setting. I'm also gearing-up to start recording the next album and I just haven't had time to think about the approach -- though I'm now getting closer to an idea.

At some point I plugged that crazy electric plectrum banjo in (it's since received a Strat-style pickup as the P90 was just too hot) and recorded some of my fiddling-around on it to share. It's a weird beast and, no matter what pickup you put in it, has an interesting "cluck" to the tone and loves open tunings. The first part of the clip is pretty standard fare, but the instrument sounds way fun with an unbiased fuzz on it... kind of like a keyboard version of a "banjo" tone that's playing through a broken speaker.


Unknown said…
Jake , soo happy you found time for yourself, and by the way that box sounds superb
love it keep up good work..