Workshop: Crimes Against Guitarity

So, I was playing that new Danelectro/Silvertone Hornet of mine yesterday at our local Farmer's Market and I was not pleased with its live sound. I knew something was up with the wiring harness -- so I yanked it. I also wasn't happy with the white pickguard -- so I fine-sanded it down and sealed it with finish. I've always wanted a guitar with a brown pickguard, anyhow!

It turns-out that the wiring harness was riddled with caps and resistors that sucked the tone and volume right out of the instrument. My new wiring harness replaces four 100k pots and extra crud with two 500k pots, a .02 cap for the tone control, and a fresh 3-way switch that isn't flaking-out on me. The lower two knobs in this setup are "for looks only" and not connected to the wiring.

As expected, the guitar roars with a delightful, sweet, bell-like neck pickup sound and a biting, raspy, diggy bridge tone that almost gets you into Telecaster territory. I am now well-pleased and am unafraid to bring it back out for next week's show.


Unknown said…
oh the humanity...what a world..what a world....looks sweeeet
Jake Wildwood said…
Thanks, Phil!

I've been playing this a bunch this morning open-tuned and fuzz/reverbed out in an atmospheric way and when I stopped, my kids said, "Daddy, play that music MORE!"

That happens so rarely. Usually it's like, "Daddy, stop the music and PLAY with us!"
Ben Jackson said…
Love the brown pickguard!