Workshop: Organization Blues

I don't think I've ever let anyone see my packing room/workshop annex and that's because until yesterday it was just overwhelmed. We've been up here almost 10 years and I had never entirely cleaned-out all the random automotive (and house-destroying) refuse of the last building's occupant from the shelves, given it a true deep cleaning, or organized it properly. It's always been an on-the-go cement box.

It was always just the room that had the dustier tools, packing supplies, and random trash and stuff that accumulates business-wise. I've been wanting to get my bandsaw and sanding tools out of my workshop-proper to more-easily contain sawdust (it never easily contains itself) and streamline some parts of the job, too.

It took all of my work hours yesterday, a few hours in the middle of the night (I gave up around 1 AM), and some time this morning, but I finally have it all under control again and things are feeling peaceful.

The bandsaw isn't impressive but it does get the job done. It's been in the family since it was new.

I have a lot of cool wood hanging-around in this room and also in my normal workshop. These are some 14x12x4" blocks of mahogany that my friend Tom Steventon gave me. He used to work for Stanley Tools up here and these, apparently, were leftovers from cutting planks down to size. Most of the workers burned them for firewood but he stowed them away. Smart guy!

Ever wonder how your toys get back to you? It's not as crazy as it looks, I swear! In the last year, I've had a lot of people dropping-off "donated" packing materials from their multitudes of Amazon/etc. orders and that's kept me in an almost silly-amount of bubble-wrap, puff-packs, and paper.

I also did a deep-clean of my main space, too.

As I write this I feel exhausted (we also put-together bunk beds last night -- oh my), so I hope you all don't mind me skipping-out on "regular" work and its associated pictures today to fix broken links on the site and maybe fix our phantom answering machine problem.

They truly are everywhere.

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Brad Smith said...

I see a Bohmann sans tuners!