1930s German-made 1/2 Violin

This 1/2-size fiddle has been hanging-around -- just needing a setup for consignment -- for a while. I finally did that last week and it plays and sounds, well, a lot better than expected. It has old, steel-core strings on it but the sound is nicely-warm and relaxed despite them. The label is inconclusive but this is clearly a factory-made, mid-grade, German-sourced product from around the 1930s.

It's nicer than average for a student build with flamed maple back and sides, a tightly-grained spruce top, and ebonized-rosewood fingerboard. The tailpiece is a later, metal, 4-fine-tuner type but the chinrest and pegs look period.

The nut is ebony and the pegs are ebonized maple, it seems.