1980s Ton-Klar Dancla 4/4 Violin

I've worked on a couple of these pumpkin-orange, German-made, Lewis & Sons-distributed, Ton-Klar violins in the past. They're clearly intended for the student market and have a midsy, crisp sort of student/mid-level tone to them (especially with the Super-Sensitive strings on it). Still, they were made with ebony fittings (board and tail) and seem to have come to the consumer decently-setup and ready for beginners. I'm pretty sure they mostly date from the '80s and into the early '90s. That's what all of their cases and case-candy have suggested.

This one just needed a setup, restring, and a new bridge and it plays and sounds as-expected. The nut width is a little wider than older violins and the instrument definitely feels sturdy and ready-to-serve for banging-around in music classes. I have it setup for "fiddle height" and it plays nice and fast.

The back's maple is mildly-flamed and so is the neck.