Local Flavor: Snow & More Snow

I can't remember a December that's been so snowy since we first moved-up. It's been great -- much of last week and today was filled, now and then, with a bunch of light, puffy, fluffy stuff. This is the kind you can play in, sled on, and feels mostly like air when you shovel it.

Eventually the snow-weather turns to the more serious, wet-and-heavy stuff. For now, though, I'm happy to stomp around in the fluff. Above is a sample of the ice that forms on the mossy boulders of the mountain in back of the shop.

On Sunday the kids and I took out the toboggan and got some snow-swinging in.


Lausanne said…
Nice photos Jake.....I want to be a kid in YOUR backyard in winter!Looks like a fine way to grow up. All the best to you in good health, music and snow play in the coming year !