Music: New Instrumental Album

As per my tradition, here's a new freebie instrumental album for the holidays! This kind of stuff is about as close as it gets to hearing what I sound like noodling-around on the couch -- in a good way, I hope. Featured gear is my banjisen (it now has a cat's head drawn on the headstock via our daughter Oona), a 3-string '60s-era homemade mountain dulcimer, the 8" banjo uke from the shop, the '20s L&h fancy-pants mandola from the shop, and the plain-Jane tenor banjo from the shop, too.


Unknown said…
awesome, thank you Jake, I like the folk art !!!
aStroStrich said…
Pretty good! i listen to "professional" albums that are no better than yours, congrats!
Unknown said…
Love the sound of that mandola! And the plunky little banjo-uke too.
Thanks Jake - like being on the coach with you. Glad to know someone else noodles too.
Happy Chrissy to you and yours.