Ephemera: Mixed Nuts #1

I haven't done an "Ephemera" post in a while, but I do try to hoard the pictures. My new format for this is a "mixed nuts" approach rather than individual photos, so be sure to click the "see the rest of the post" doohicky to see more.

Above is a group probably around 1870 and features a Haynes-made Tilton Patent guitar on the right, two early-style (note the pegs) 8-string mandolins in the center, and an indeterminate guitar on the left. That one looks slightly larger-than-average for the time.

Next-up is an Estonian mandolin orchestra from around the 1920s. Check out the mandocello! I would love to get my hands on some of these. The mandola in the back row looks nifty, too.

That same Estonian eBay photoseller listed this shot of a triple-neck guitarist and his mandolin sidekick, too -- also from the 1920s. The triple-neck sports a guitar neck (with raised extension board), mandolin neck, and three sub-bass harp strings.

Above appears to be a high school unit from the 1950s. The guitar looks like a white-painted old Epiphone archtop with a DeArmond-style pickup attached. I love the cheesy amp.

Here's a Pennsylvania-based dandy -- "Sunny Mark" -- posing with his fancy carved-top for a 1930s shoot.

Above is Mr. Ken Broadhurts in 1936 with his (Lange?) tenor banjo.

This refined gal seems to have a Bay State/Haynes guitar, to me. Maybe 1880s?

These fellas are posing with a gut-strung Martin from the 1860s/70s. Check the ivory bridge!


Dave Homans said…
I believe that's a Bacon&Day Silverbell #1 that Mr. Ken Broadhurts is holding... (and love these Ephemera posts!)
guitarhunter said…
that amp is a flot-a-tone!...beloved of Billy Gibbons.