Ephemera: Mixed Nuts #2

We start off, today, with a fancy-pants hombre and his Regal tenor guitar -- probably around 1930.

Beach serenades are always popular, especially in '33 when this was shot -- but maybe leave the headband home next time! The guitar looks like a Regal all-birch wonder.

It looks like this wise customer is toting-around a '20s Richter uke and the photo suggests '20s or early '30s, too.

This hot-shot singer has a cool lineup -- Kay "Volu-Tone" electric guitar, some sort of nicer-quality cutaway archtop guitar, a lap steel (can't tell the brand), big old bass, and piano. I wonder what sort of sound this was -- though it's undeniably mid-late '40s in equipment use.

This 1890s family's on the right track -- mando, fiddle, and guitar.

How about that vest? The 1860s/70s German guitar's nice, too.


oook said…
Love that in the last one the guitar is held backwards to compensate for the direct-positive of the photograph! Or possibly he's an Elizabeth Cotton forerunner...
Jake Wildwood said…
oook: I'm so glad people notice these things. I just cook these up like an order of pancakes -- buzz around on eBay until I see something I like, correct whatever distortion I can on the image, and snag it... :D