Sick Days

If any of you have been trying to get in touch, please forgive me. I've been answering calls as much as I can but since Wednesday I've been laid-up with that nasty flu so have been down for the count. It seems to be clearing-up, though, which I'm thankful for. At least my mind is a bit more coherent today! I wouldn't wish this on anyone, but I know a lot of people have come down with it this season, so I'm sorry for you folks, too.

For someone like me, who really enjoys getting projects finished, this has driven me nuts. I had a ton of projects prepped for final repairs by Wednesday morning and it's always disappointing to see stuff just sitting there, oh-so-close. If I'm feeling less-woozy tomorrow I'll see about sharing some of these projects, but I just wanted everyone to know that I didn't fall off the face of the planet, much as I'd like to explore our solar system. I hear the seas on Europa and Ganymede are cozy this time of year.


Captain Simian said...

I was starting to wonder why you hadn't updated. I hope you recover quickly.

Phil Fabiano said...

a LOT of people have some sort of virus , going around...vitamin C .. hot tea with honey
plenty of rest... I love how doctors always tell you to drink plenty of liquids....be kinda hard docs to drink solids.....feel better soon ....love ya

Karl Vockler said...

You spend so much time stoking the fires of our interest; I don't think anyone could hold your absence against you. Maybe the Universe decided you needed a rest
A speedy recovery my friend.

Warren said...

It feels like I've run out of my morning coffee beans! Always look forward to what you have to share. Get well soon!

Jake Wildwood said...

You guys are far too kind. Thanks, fellas!