1991 Fender Tweed '59 Bassman 4x10" Reissue Amp

This amp is clean for its age. It's a one-owner Bassman Reissue that was bought new in '91. The model is "5F6-A" and these were sold as a reissue of the famous 4x10" speaker '59 units. This one is all-original, lightly-used and not abused, and has a complement of Sovtek tubes. It sounds great and has that lovely "big chime" when you jack-in through the "bright" channel.

I've looked it over and everything is in order. It even comes with its original wiring diagram, user manual, store hang tags and bumper sticker, and cloth dust/road cover. Ones that are as clean as this one (with light wear to the bottom edges) are simply not out there, really. The owner bought it to use with a bass (of all things!), but as I recall, the group he was playing with at the time shifted its lineup on the quick and this has been stowed and played once in a while, here and there ever since.

It's hard to argue with the blueback speakers.

Here's one of the preamp tubes uncovered.

I believe this amp has a solid state rectifier in its tube rectifier socket, though I didn't yank it to check for sure.