Ephemera: Harmony Overkill, Cowboys & Amps, Uke Recreation

This '46 shot of a bunch of sisters (?!) on a porch and a giggling little brother is the epitome of summer diversions. The guitar is an early/mid-'30s Harmony-made Supertone all-birch special.

Here's a shot of a boy playing a very similar-model Harmony in the late '30s/early '40s -- this one has the "wreath" stencil.

This early-'50s shot of the Ark Valley Boys shows them well-equipped with a Gibson Southern Jumbo and double-neck National lap steel.

I'll wager that the guitar in this early-'50s shot is a Gibson ES-125.

Here's a '48 shot of a mariachi band playing in Santa Catalina Island. Check out the Martin the guitarist is playing.

That's a big guitar for the era -- probably around 1910.

Hilarious '20s picture but it does have a ukulele in there somewhere...

This is every first-or-second-time uke player's "stage look." Probably '20s...