Ephemera: Mixed Nuts #3

Up above I spy a 1920s L&H carved-top mandocello, a L&H carved-top mandolin, a 000-size Galiano/NY "Italian Guild" flattop guitar, and probably a mandola peeking out from the rear row.

Cello-bass, guitar, bass drum, and clarinet = I want to hear these guys. Guitar looks about '20s.

House party in the '20s!

This naval blockade looks like they're tearing it up late-teens, early '20s. The mandolin looks like a L&H/Leland flatback. The guitar is throwing me, though. It almost looks like the top is curved.

How about this Estonian band featuring guitar, fiddle, mandolin, and banjo-mando? Noisy.

I spoy a '20s Vega tenor banjo and... wild pants and boots.

This 1939 snapshot is excellent. Guitars of that style were 0-sized, so that makes this street-playing girl around 12 to 14, no?

I feel like the names and southern provenance of this photo are giving away the nature of the music, here. Gotta love 1-row boxes! The guitar places it in the '30s.

Here's a dapper fella in Serbie -- around the late '30s?

This kid gang and their uke-playing leader are going to take you out.