1957 Gibson Southern Jumbo Slope Dreadnought Guitar

I have to admit -- my consignors send me choice stuff. Aside from two tiny hairlines next to the pickguard, this old SJ is crack-free. It's also all-original save the tuners, perhaps the saddle, and one bit of celluloid inlay on the neck. Tone-wise it's rumbly, full, and powerful. This has a lot of punch and kick and an aggressive, mids-heavy sound that's perfect for countrified strumming or chucking. There's a lot of clarity and jump for lead-picking, too, and a solid, growly bottom-end as well.

Obviously, the guitar has been played and it shows use-wear over every surface. The soundhole has some nice, unmitigated pickwear going on and there's weather-check and crackle to the finish everywhere you look. The sunburst is nicely-done and the blacks in the finish are still dark enough that the edges haven't turned that milkier medium-brown some of these do.

I think the only old work done to the guitar was maybe regluing a couple of back braces and a replacement synthetic saddle (the original plastic one is in the case). It looks like it hasn't been under the scalpel, otherwise. I'm not sure about the tuners but I'm assuming they're parts-bin replacements from somewhere as I'd expect closed Klusons on this guitar.

My own work included a fret level/dress, mild cleaning, compensation and adjustment of the saddle, and a setup. It plays perfectly, has a straight neck with a functioning truss rod, and the frets are in good order for many years more use.

Specs are: 24 11/16" scale, 1 11/16" nut width, 1 1/2" string spacing at the nut, 2 3/16" spacing at the bridge, 16" lower bout, 11 1/2" upper bout, and 5" depth at the endblock. Action is 3/32" EA and 1/16" DGBE at the 12th fret (spot-on) and the strings are standard phosphor bronze 54w, 42w, 32w, 24w, 16, 12 lights. There's about 1/16" of saddle adjustment room left, though there's light string-ramping behind the saddle to keep the back-angle on it good at all times.

It's a looker, isn't it?

The fretboard definitely shows some wear.

The finish on the back of the neck has some texture from crazy amounts of play-time. The neck has a mild-to-medium, comfy C-shape to it and the board has a ~12" radius.

Ah -- the endpin looks like a replacement, too.

A newer, molded, hard case comes with it.


Warren said…
Wow, I'm drooling over this one!