1970s Peavey Classic 100 Amp Head

I have to admit that this black box was a little bit of a mystery when it first came in. My first guess was late-'70s Peavey, but I'd never seen a head like this -- only the 2x12" combo amps that many of the lap and pedal steel cats favor as they're clean, clean, clean. After getting the rear cover off of the head, it became clear that this was re-housed in this newer, pine-n-ply cabinet and it'd probably originally been in a combo cab. On the inside of the (rather newer than the amp) pine walls was a "Shelburne Bentwood" stamp. Said company makes furniture up here.

This fella is configured with a solid state preamp but tube power amp. That's a classic feature of many older Peavey amps and it means that its front-end is clean as heck and maybe not the best for driven music. Thing twang-country or retro-inspired jazz. Everything works and I've tested it on one of my 1x12" speakers. It sounds just like what I've described.

While this would be one of the 100 series amps by moniker, it's rated at 50w power and so it's not absurdly loud, though it does get the job done.