2000s Rivera Sedona 55 Tube (Electric & Acoustic) Amp

This is a consignor's Rivera and I believe it's the 55 model. It's well-worn but solid and ready to go. The tubes are good, it has a custom cutoff switch for the tweeter (really useful if you're mostly using this as an electric amp) in the back, and it has a fairly clean cover as well. This is a well-made, expensive amp and it acts like it.

The electric side of this amp sounds much like a clean Fender-ish product and will get you a variety of tones from cranky-sounding rock to springy surf or country territory. The acoustic side is clean and much like any other acoustic amp with frequency control and notching to help with feedback resistance.

It's a good, sturdy amp that sits perfectly in the arsenal of a hybrid player. There's many times I've wanted an electric and acoustic rig all-in-one when I've played with other folks and this sucker would dovetail right in with that.

There's a direct-out an and effects loop on the rear.

Here's that tweeter cut-off switch.

The only "damage" to the amp is the tolex/faux-leather coming-up in places here and there.