Ephemera: Flappers & Pickers

Ma! Stop holding my head! 1890s.

1920s fashionable banjo-uker... hopefully not in her daily outfit.

This is what modern Brooklynites might've looked like in 1925. The sweatbands were just moved to the foreheads. You know who you are.

Linoleum! Doorway curtains! It must be the '30s and that all-birch Harmony special sure proves it.

The two above must've been playing pro -- that's a high-flight Epiphone and what looks like an early version of a Gibson ES-300 electric.

These two were clearly borrowing Dad or Grandpa's instruments. The tenor banjo dates to the '20s but this fresh look is, what, '50s?

A bizarre snapshot (with nice newsprint ceiling) pair of a German(?) sort-of-band doing their thing. At least '50s judging by the guitar.