Full to Bursting

The last few days have been absurdly busy and very long. If you haven't heard back from me, please do not fear -- I've been overwhelmed and am trying the best I can to get back to anything urgent.

Do not hesitate to call/keep on calling, too. My answering machine fills up really fast and to the point where I simply can't get back to everyone. I've had two full weeks of a lot of local, while-you-wait repairs and that makes it a bit like being at a mechanic's -- hectic and a lot going on.

That said, folks -- there's some superb gear coming-up soon: a '50s Gibson Southern Jumbo, a black '50s Gibson LG-2 owned by John Sebastian, a '30s spider-cone resonator ukulele (Dobro-type), a '30s round-hole Gibson L-4 carved-top, a herd of '60s Harmony Sovereigns, and some 12-strings, too. That's not even counting all the customer/non-sales toys to share, too...