2013 Lyn Elder Classical Guitar

This excellent classical was built by master lute-builder (a true luthier) Lyn Elder in Bristol, VT. It's a lightweight, high-quality instrument and was built in the classic mold of these guitars. I'm not sure what woods are involved, but they look like (German?) spruce over Indian rosewood or some sort of rosewood cousin. It has a balanced, good-volume, rich tone that has just enough air in it to fake a flamenco sound if desired.

Specs are: 25 5/8" scale, 2" nut width, 1 9/16" string spacing at the nut, 2 1/4" spacing at the bridge, 14 3/8" lower bout, 11" upper bout, and 4" side depth. I dialed the action in to 3/32" at the 12th fret and it feels like a breeze to fingerpick and strum it folk-style at this height.

How about that headstock, huh? Multi-veneered and gorgeous...

The board is ebony.

That bit of inlay trickery on the back is a great touch.