Local Flavor: Greening

It finally started getting nice out every day about a week and a half ago. The winter has been long up here. Folks who normally don't complain (myself among them) started griping. I feel like we all made it just before we turned axe-murderer on one another!

I've been busy as I usually am, though, despite the sun's lure to drag me out for naps on a pic-a-nic blanket. I changed my glasses prescription last week and got polycarbonate lenses -- only to find I'm polycarbonate sensitive which means that when I look out through that material I notice that it bends the light in a bunch of absurd ways and tinges everything blue, makes it impossible for me to focus correctly, and generally made me sick to my stomach because of a fishbowl effect. I felt like I was teetering. Another trip back to the kindly eye doc and we sussed that one out when I found I could look through normal glass or plastic lenses just fine. We went through the whole song and dance before figuring it out, though. It was the strangest sensation -- like my eyes had become part of a 1990s digital camera with bad focus, a peculiarly-distorted wide angle, and fringing all over the place. Ick!

In other news, there's fantastic gear coming through. Tomorrow you'll be treated to a 2000s Gibson Hummingbird, really beat old Gibson L-1 archtop, fancy-pants 2000s Blueridge D-45+ clone, 1960s Martin 00-18 flattop, and a '60s Gretsch hollowbody husk returned from the dead. There's also a 1954 Martin D-28 in the works and as far as customer repairs go, there's a lot of choice eye-candy including an 1890s/1900s Cole x-braced concert-sized box I'll show-off tomorrow and a Lyon & Healy 1880s/1890s parlor that might be done by the weekend.


Brad Smith said…
ooohhhh looking forward to that Cole!
Fabiano Stefani said…
hope you weren't working on my guitar with that funky vision ...lol.. glad it's all good, don't want to mess with your eyes. glad warmer weather is upon you, get out and enjoy some
...happy mothers day to Mama bird...enjoy your weekend ...be blessed