Why My Gear Costs More

I'm hyper-aware that over the last 5 years my prices have gone up across the board -- even on inexpensive instruments. When I do get deal instruments in, however, it's been increasingly expensive to sell them, which is why I have fewer and fewer $200-300 items of the funky vintage types that I enjoy offering to get folks started in the functional-but-old format.

With shipping squarely in the $50-80 category for a guitar sent out-of-region and credit card fees on top of that, it's just become un-economical to offer gear in the lower-rung ranges as 1/3 of the value can get chopped off the top. Mix into that the increasing parts and materials costs and you can see where the problem is.

I've been thinking about this for a while, now, which is why I just wanted to make things evident to those of you who've been following the blog and biz for a while. I'm not trying to price you out of fun toys -- it's just a business reality.


Fabiano Stefani said…
totally get it Jake, I've often wondered, but fret not, keep chiseling us, oh ah um
I mean the guitars, lol.and keep an upper stiff neck . but seriously thank you resurrecting these fine instruments for decades of more pleasure. your minions understand...party on Garth
dbearco said…
Thanks, Jake. No need to explain. We all have to eat and you do great work-- you should be sure to make enough so you can keep doing it. I am still crazy about my crazy tele-bouzouki. Thanks for what you do.

Jake Wildwood said…
Via Mr. Peter in email, who couldn't post via the blog comments: "Hi Jake I'm in St-Eustache Quebec and too many instrument repair people say the same thing ... (It's 2018 Everybody get with it) , money is tight for alot of people ... moms'n dads should buy their kid an instrument and stop going to the gun shop and dream of that rifle you don't need ... rocking for over 50 years Peter"
C Martin said…
Mess'r Le Jake: Your prices are eminently fair considering what's available on the internet and the pony traders on Ebay and Reverb. You are one of the VERY few who takes care to 1) ship a product that has been gone through, and 2) be up front about the issues the items have. So uppens ze effarter with dem rascals and the neigh-sayers and press on lad. CM in CA

Don't be hard on yourself, Jake. I think you could find other outfits selling Kalamazoos for twice what you're offering on yours, for instance. You have it all covered, sir.
Jake Wildwood said…
Thanks for the votes of confidence, guys. I was just trying to let folks know what the deal is. I feel bad every time a younger musician comes in looking for something on the cheap and I can't help them out -- that's what got me thinking about it.
mbilly said…
Hey Jake, I was actually a little surprised to see your post, because I've always been struck by how incredibly fair your prices have been and continue to be. The three 50s Gibsons you recently had--the 2 J-50s and the SJ--all would have been anywhere from $500-$1000 more from most sellers. I think your prices are great, especially given the amount of work you put into the site with photos, clips, and descriptions. Keep up the good work!