1952 Martin D-28 Dreadnought Guitar

A Nashville old-time-scene transplant has made Rochester his new home and this is the fantastic D-28 he brought along with him. He told me he'd courted this guitar for several months before sealing the deal and I'm glad he did because I got to give it a go because of that. She's a beaut -- that's for sure -- and in fine shape, too.

This had some work done on it in the past and everything was ship-shape when it came in except that it needed a little nudging at the nut (the slots were worn low) and it needed a new, lower, "summer" saddle for these nice, humid days we've been having. At the same time, the owner took the plunge and had me fit a K&K Pure Mini pickup into it. It'll get its plugged-in debut next Wednesday at our informal band's 4th of July concert -- and my ears are excited to hear that.

Other than the pins, saddle, and pickup, the guitar appears all-original (save a few spots of touch-up finish near the soundhole) and in good order. There's an old repair to a headstock crack that you have to look for, but that was dealt-with well.

Specs are: 25 3/8" scale, 1 11/16" nut width, 1 9/16" string spacing at the nut, 2 1/8" spacing at the bridge, 15 5/8" lower bout, 11 1/2" upper bout, and 4 7/8" side depth at the endblock. Action's set to 3/32" EA and 1/16" DGBE at the 12th fret and the neck is straight and stable-as-heck.

I love how the rosette's plastic bits are now raised above the grain due to pickwear. It's glorious.

The "winter" saddle was taller, but I have to admit here, folks, that most original old '40s-and-earlier Martin saddles I've had the chance to see come-in unmolested were cut at the factory about this height -- about 1/16" or a hair higher off the deck. I'm just saying -- taller and "bluegrassy" does not necessarily mean better or true to form.

Please feel free to yell at me now, though...!

I love big, dark streaks in Brazilian rosewood, don't you? The buckle-wear/flake is pretty classic, too.

Waffleback Klusons that aren't bent! Hurray for miracles.

An original brow hard case is one more punch to the gut, isn't it?