2018 Partscaster Hardtail Strat-Style Electric Guitar

This guitar was just in via a customer for a glorified setup -- trimming/rounding of the fret-ends, minor tweaking to the pickups (I knocked the G-string poles down), and a setup. It's a neat Strat in that it's a hardtail setup with a half-Tele bridge and it also features a bridge pickup with a Tele-style baseplate installed. That's what warranted giving this a video as it's a good demonstrator -- note how when I switch to the bridge the pickup immediately has more girth and zap to the tone. Yeah -- it's more "Tele-like."

The body is a GuitarFetish "XGP" model with purple metalflake finish. It's very well made and the finish looks incredibly good at its price point. I'd love to have that finish on my car! I'm not sure of the pickup make (I didn't take the pickguard off), but they seem quite decent. The neck is an Allparts rig and has some of the usual funk with an Allparts standard-issue thing -- mostly that the frets are not 100% accurate in the way they've been pressed, so there are a very zippy notes here and there if you're really paying attention.

This will get string trees at some point, though the break-angle at the nut actually isn't too bad.

I have absolutely no arguments with these half-Tele bridges and 3-barrel, compensated brass saddles. I think it's a perfectly practical design.

Those holes are begging for pearl dots or something silly.