Apogee Duet 2 Mac Audio Interface (Used)

I just moved-up to an Apogee interface with 4-in, so my very trusty USB-powered/input Duet 2 is available. This thing is clean-sounding and transparent, has a lot of headroom, and is simply a well-thought-out product. The moment I started using this over my old FireWire mixer I was floored at how much better (and more functional) it is. Quality is excellent in the sound, build, and the ease-of-use in the controls. These are also made in the USA.

It's in definitely-not-as-new condition -- it's clean, not-dinged-up, and functions perfectly but there's light scratching on the glassy faceplate that displays levels. It's nothing you'd notice in the dark of a studio space or stage (I didn't), but I do see it now that I'm outside taking shots of it.

It comes with an original long USB cable and the 2-in, 2-out cable that accepts XLR and 1/4" jacks. You can customize the inputs in the on-computer software to mic/line and engage phantom power that way, too.

The original box comes with it, but I was clearly using it to store random MacBook oddities while it wasn't being used. If I can scrounge-up the original manual and whatnot I will include it, too -- though all you'd need to do is download the drivers and plug this into your USB port and away you go!