Ephemera: More Good Oldies

This '60s Canadian couple goes through the agonizing photo-while-folksinging process with a Gibson Hummingbird. Too bad it's the version with the ceramic saddle for the adjustable bridge. Pingpingpingslinkslinkchippachippa...

This guy looks like he may know a thing or two about benches and 5-strings. 1880s.

The ever-fantastic cello-violin-banjo trio! It twangs! It bwoms! It skitters! 1880s. Looks like a fretless, too?

It'd be easy to mistake this Colorado family for an 1890s bunch except for the tailpiece types sported on those guitars. It has to be a shot from the 1910s at least.

Too much noise! Two Vega banjo mandolins and a (Weymann?) 5-string? That gal's going deaf and off-pitch. 1910s.

I want to know this guy's tailor. 1940s -- guitar early '30s at the latest.

I know Duke doesn't have an instrument in this shot, but as a hero of mine, he must be included in this roundup.