Ephemera: Odd Couples & Pranksters

In love with a view... of the construction site? 1930s.

These gals are clearly into steampunk, right?! 1880s/1890s.

Don't let that horse run! Bonus points for early capo. 1890s.

The above quartet entertained some bottles before entertaining the crowd, methinks. 1900s.

College boys! Check out the bling on that guitar. Now we know who bought those fancy-pants git-boxes. 1910s.

Pearloid fretboard parlor spotted in the dorm! 1910s.

The ukulele lady got lost in the flowers. 1920s.

This banjolele lady is wondering why she has to pause for a photo before hitting the road. 1920s.

Apparently, that's a 1910 Buick. Whatever. I like the Regal "Big Boy" archtop best. Clown suits don't do it for me. 1930s.

You're sincerely mine, Cockerel's Old Timers! 1930s.