Workshop: Time Guitar 35+ Year Completion Date

My friend Rick Redington was recently gifted a husk of a Time guitar from the early '80s to get outfitted for use. Their factory burned-down around then and there are a small number of unfinished instruments hanging-around uncompleted. This one was basically a day-long project and I put 7 (fast-working) hours into getting this ready for soontime-shows.

Here she is after getting some play on the Rivera in the shop.

Work was heavy -- lots of scraping of the binding, cleaning-up of the finish, sealing bits of the finish and making the neck a little gentler on the hands... then a custom pickguard cut (to mimic the Time look), wiring in Les Paul fashion, total shielding, and install of all the hardware and whatnot. I was leery of the all-black-hardware thing but in the end I think the Batman high contrast look (the finish is actually a sort of white pearlescent look) has grown on me.

This is what it looked like when it came here -- rough around the edges, full of glue residue on the board (some is still there), and cool checker binding hiding under decades-old masking tape.