1930s German-made 4/4 Violin

Here's another customer's fiddle -- this one proclaiming its Strad-copy credentials on the inside label. While it looks rather plain, however, this violin has a warm, big, balanced tonality that really suits the Dominant-style perlon-core strings that are on it. It was just in for a setup, new strings, and general cleaning. It also got a new endpin, new tailgut, and a fine tuner at the tailpiece.

The top is very lightly-cut and that's probably the reason the voice on this is as big as it is. Its medium-brown, dirty-when-new and dirty-now looks, and mild-to-medium figure on the back and sides leads one to expect a pretty average trade fiddle. Even dragging a cheap bow across the strings yields old-time-goodness, however.

How about the rays on that bridge?