2016 Pearl Caixa 12" Snare Drum (w/Stand & Brushes)

I got this excellent little snare (it's lightweight and has a poppy, direct, woody, fundamental tone to it) new in 2016 and have been using it for projects here and there ever since. I only got it on record for 2016's We Met in Debt and you can hear it throughout that whole effort.

Suffice to say, after cleaning my workshop down to the bone a couple weeks ago, I've been sorting through my odds-and-ends and making space. I only use snare once in a while and so this is on the list of percussion items to re-home. It's pretty clean save minor wear to the top-side head and a couple of finish nicks/wear to the tension hoops just from handling it. I also added some very mild muting-foam to the back-side of the heads (on the inside) to deaden overtone ring. That can be removed by taking off the top head and pulling it out.

It comes as a package with some nice nylon-tipped Regal Tip brushes and a lightweight, starting-to-get-rusty, '60s snare stand. It works as it should and is ready to go! I can include a clip-on strap for it, too, if desired. These are $120 new right now and this has maybe 10-15 hours of play in it, tops.