Ephemera: The Stoic Faces

This looks pretty 1890s/1900s to me. I like the cello-as-bass approach to bands of this time. Note the early steel-strung guitars with their tailpiece load and the fingerpicking techniques. Snap!

The above trio with their dapper hats was shot in Austria in 1910.

Dad-n-Lass shot? 1926 per the inscription.

That's the L. Earl Thurman band. I looked them up but to no avail. 1930s...

Someone is having fun on her Hohner! 1930s...

It's blurry but I think we've all shared this guy's sentiment of guitar-on-the-hood-of-a-car. 1950s, judging by the look of that Silvertone (Kay) box...

A duo in the desert! This photo was from a Fresno, CA collection and dates to the '30s, apparently. The guitar is 1860s/70s in looks, though. The button-box is probably from around 1920.

Ah, Mr. "Anything Goes" on guitar is probably on his way to the festival right now... 1890s/1900s.

More ukes-n-grass-skirts! Many of the instrument manufacturers promoting ukes sold leis and hula skirts right along with their Hawaiian-themed instruments in the '30s.

This is Mr. Joseph Boyer in 1935. That carved-top Regal guitar would've been a little higher on the pricelist, back then, and they sound a lot like contemporaneous Gibsons.