1953 Martin 0-18T Flattop Tenor Guitar

This 0-18T is in tremendously-good condition and sounds the business! I've played some very, very good 0-18Ts, but this guitar takes the cake for overall volume, cut, and bass-side warmth. The owner even had it strung for GDAE (octave mandolin) tuning, too, to take advantage of it. I think I may have mentioned several times in the past that my favorite Martins tend to span the '52-'54 range, so there you have it!

It's all-original save mismatched pins and a new, lower saddle I made and installed today. Swapping-out the saddle got the action down to just a tiny hair above 1/16" at the 12th fret and 1/16" is my target, so I was happy that I even got that close considering the neck has not been reset on it yet. The new saddle also affords more compensation for the plain-A-string setup currently on it.

How about that pickguard? To me the "redguard" is the classic Martin look.