1976 Martin D-18 Dreadnought Guitar

I swear -- '70s D-18s have some sort of hive up here in Vermont. I see them all the time. It must be the residual bluegrass and old-timey camp-life up this way. Almost every one I see that's local has been played, too, with evidence of much love and continual use until they finally hit a snag that puts them out of rotation.

This one came in with what turned-out to be a detached neckblock that'd mucked-around with the joint area. I got it all tidied-up and that also gave it a de-facto neck reset, too, so I could crank the saddle height back up. After that it got a fret level/dress, minor cleaning, and a good setup. It's playing on-the-dot, now, and has a big, straight-up voice with a lot of lower-mids cutting-power.

The bridge seems to be a replacement, too -- done probably at the time of the last neck reset work.


Unknown said…
That's my baby! Jake, you did a fantastic job! It sounds and feels great! Thanks, I'm glad my friend referred me to you.