2002 Danelectro Spring King Spring Reverb Pedal

While this isn't a $400 Spaceman Orion (another "true spring reverb") pedal, it does sound pretty great. It has a lo-fi vibe that's actually a lot cleaner and more useful than I thought it would be. It does sound a lot like the spring reverb on cheaper old amps and the kick-ability is a neat touch if you're into surf-attack sound.

The tone and volume controls offer mild adjustments to the tone and the reverb (mix) knob works as it should. This one is essentially as-new and comes with its original box, instructions, and bubble-wrap. The blurb all dates it to 2002. This came from a chain of two owners who both didn't use the equipment for more than a few hours, so it's basically new-old-stock.

It works 100% and is ready to go.