2008 Vox AC4TV 1x10" Tube Amplifier

Hey! I've had these! I like them every time, too. These are incredibly useful recording/practice/hang-out amps because they feature a built-in attenuator that can drop its wattage from 4w to 1w to 1/4w power and, because of that, you can get some excellent tube distortion at volumes low-enough to have a quiet conversation over (ie, switch to a lower power rating and crank the volume to do so).

This one is brand-new save almost-impossible-to-find use marks here and there at the corners and edging. It's here with all of its original packaging, warranty card, an Ibanez patch cable, and power cable. I know, right?

This is item number three from a set of gear owned by two non-electric guitarists who threw in the towel early. This probably only has a few hours of play in it.

Tone-wise, these are pure Vox AC: mids, mids, mids, and jangle-bright highs. These are small amps and don't have a lot of bass to the voice, so if your interest is in playing lead, fills, gritty blues, or punchy rhythm, they're great. If you're trying to do something like a solo jazz sound or a wide-bottom Fender clean sound, forget it!

That said, if you use an extension cab with a 12" speaker -- say a low-watt Jensen -- you can get a much wider tone from these that's closer to a "small American amp" voice if you dial it just-so. When I had one of these I did just that -- swapping different cabs with it to tailor my sound to what I was using it for.

At full power these are plenty loud-enough for a lightweight jam environment, though if you turn the volume up past 4 or 5 o'clock you will always be getting some amount grit and distortion. It works 100% and is ready to go.