2017 Eastwood Tenorcaster Electric Tenor Guitar

A customer bought this guitar brand-new earlier this year (he was part of the crowdfunding campaign to get it going), but he's decided to rid himself of all electric devils and thus it's ended-up here.

Eastwood designs can be a little peculiar and this one definitely has that side of the coin, but it's also a very fun instrument. The owner brought this in brand-new and had me set it up and shield it, so it runs quiet and plays on-the-dot. He was playing in CGDA tuning but I figured GDAE with a wound A (octave mandolin tuning) would have better string-to-string balance from the pickups, so this time around I restrung it for that and gave it a fresh setup.

Workmanship on this is better than historical Eastwood products and it's pretty well-finished and the hardware feels rock-solid. I'm pretty sure there are 250k pots mixed-into the signal chain so the pickups are not as ear-piercingly bright as some stock Tele pickups might be. These have a nice, comfortable sound and when you're on the neck pickup it gives a pretty good single-coil '50s jazz tone if you close your eyes and zum-zum-zum.

Anyhow, this is basically brand-new. The owner had only about an hour of play in it. The only wear on it I'm noticing are a couple of the lightest scuffs along the back edge where it rolls into the side. For what it's worth, those might be the responsibility of the three or four players who picked on it in the shop today!

It comes with its original gigbag and the benefits of proper shielding and a proper setup. Strings are currently 46w, 36w, 18w, 12 for GDAE tuning and the neck is straight, the truss works, and it's good to go.

Specs are: 23" scale, 1 5/16" nut width, 1 1/32" string spacing at the nut, 1 15/16" spacing at the bridge, 11 3/4" lower bout, 10" upper bout, and 1 3/4" side depth.