Yargh! And other nonsense...

The weather's been weird. I fired-up the stove for two days of gloom and cold and then suddenly it's back to 70F and humid with oodles of rain. This is not picture-taking weather for showing-off instruments, at any rate.

There's neat stuff to share and much to list for sale -- for the "sale" part of that we're talking about a '68 Gibson SG, late-'60s Yamaha red label jumbo guitar, '70s Conn 000-size x-braced flattop, that '59 Silvertone Stratotone I just posted, a bunch of violins, and various '50s and '60s Gibson slope-shoulder dreadnoughts. I also just finished tracking an album that featured my recently-posted Harlin pedal steel and I may by putting that up for sale, too. We'll see!

Repair-and-share-wise, I have a number of cool 12-strings in-progress as well as funky old Martin and Gibson flattops, some curious customer-driven oddball projects, and scads of weird banjos.

On the correspondence side: I didn't realize the ringer on my shop phone is dead so I have a lot of calls to return -- sorry! I'm also backed-up on emails but will get to you all, soon.