2000s Sceptre-a-Like Tenor Ukulele

This uke was, apparently, made by a violin-maker but neither the owner nor the web knows just who the maker is. It's a bit stiff in the soundboard but the build, fit, and finish are first-rate. It was definitely built by someone who knows their way around building.

It's, of course, a take on the Koaloha "Sceptre" ukes but the body is a little wider and not as long. This puts the bridge in a very "Kamaka" location, but fan bracing and a maple bridge plate mean that this instrument is just asking for something like high-tension, thicker, rectified nylon or fatter Worth fluorocarbon strings to warm it up. The Aquila Reds that are on it right now give it a spanky chime, though, that's oddly satisfying.

I'm not sure about the woods. The back and sides look like they're in the mahogany family (sapele?) and the top looks like some sort of spruce-like softwood, though the owner said he thought it was an African species.

The nut is bone and the fretboard is flat and wide. The back of the neck has a slim, D-shaped profile.

Both the bridge and fretboard look like rosewood to me.


Unknown said…
looks like afzelia or ‘doussie’ to me
Unknown said…
and the top looks like abachi (obeche), a relatively lightweight for hardwood so...