Happy Halloween! & Notes

As soon as it's dark I'll get you all a picture of this year's pumpkins, but for now -- Happy Halloween!

I've been excruciatingly busy, as usual, and tomorrow I'll be listing a bunch of new toys for sale -- including a 1980s Guild D-17 (all-hog dreadnought) guitar, a 1964 Gibson J-50 guitar (super clean, no cracks), a 1960s Harmony Silvertone Sovereign jumbo guitar (iced-tea sunburst), a 1920s Kay-made 2-point "Princess" parlor guitar (Kay Kraft body shape), and a 1990s ESP Korean-made through-neck electric bass.

Other stuff coming-up this week will include a bunch of cool customer gear -- a fancy 1890s parlor guitar, various ukuleles, a 1960s Martin D-28, Godin archtop-to-mandocello conversion, and various banjos of which the highlight is an SS Stewart "pony" 5-string banjo.


Phillips said…
Awesome pumpkins guys ..love it...