Workshop: K&K Pickup in Resonator Uke

A customer of mine who bought a 1930s Dobro-cone resonator uke from me had me install a K&K pickup in it for live use. I almost never use K&K's specialized pickups in any instrument and prefer to use either the Twin Spot or Pure Mini (2 sensor vs 3 sensor) pickups for every application and just change the way I mount them. He'd requested I do a side-by-side tone comparison, so here are the two videos -- first the K&K direct-out (with no EQ or reverb) and then the straight acoustic:

Pretty good, right? The trick with resonator instruments is that the specialized, resonator-instrument pickups usually sound lousy because they're designed to be easy for an amateur to install. On Dobro-cone instruments, I glue my sensors underneath the middle of the spider bridge (directly below the saddles) or on the back edge of the saddle-slot/saddle-holder portion. This works a lot better than the various cone-mounted acoustic pickups which tend to sound tinny or harsh because the pickups are in much closer proximity to where the vibrations in the cone begin.

Anyhow, I could've gotten a tone much closer to the mic with just a hair of reverb added and some minor EQ tweaks, but it's not bad at all without any adjustments.


Andy said…
to be fair, you should have worn the same plaid shirt ...