1960s Hofner Club Hollowbody Electric Bass Guitar

Why play a Hofner Club bass? Dang, why not? The short scale is cozy, the necks are fast as heck, and they weigh in the range of a stack of feathers. It makes them fun to play instead of a minor obligation.

A friend of mine (who's stuck being bassless at the moment) sent this up to get a going-over. Now that it's dialed-in, I can definitely see the appeal. Also, unlike the pretty but pointy-to-your-legs "violin bass" models, this one sits in the lap just so.

This bass is almost entirely original and dates probably from the late '60s judging by this variation of the typical 4-pole Hofner pickups.

Work included: a fret level/dress, much sprucing-up of the wiring harness which was suffering from grounding issues and a bad jack (I still say the control layout on these German-made basses is a madman's design), some replacement parts/kitbashing of two of the original tuners to keep them going, and a setup with 95w-40w "medium scale" extra-light strings. These do not tolerate heavy strings too well and sound pretty woofy with them, anyhow. It plays well with 3/32" action overall at the 12th fret. I could crank it lower still, but the neck does show a little twist and light warp tuned to pitch that the truss-rod is not dialing-out entirely.

Materials are: ply spruce top, ply maple back and sides, 3-piece maple neck, rosewood fretboard and bridge, and original electronics and hardware save two tuner shafts and gears. The fret-saddle inserts for the bridge are also unoriginal but in keeping with what would normally be there.

Condition notes: it has only the most minor playwear and usewear throughout.

It comes with: its original, fitted, hard case.

Oops! The strap button at the heel is unoriginal as well. Originally it looks like there may have been a friction-set endpin installed. I swapped to screw-mount for the sturdy touch.


Bend Bob said…
Awesome pics. I had a '65 Hofner Club bass to start playing bass with. It was stolen and I had to buy another one in 2004.

May I ask, how is the neck pup lowered? I had all the set-screws removed from the surround casing. I pushed down pretty hard, it would rock back and forth a bit, but I was not able to find a way to lower it! Any tips or ideas.

Bob Bondi, Bend Oregon