1967 Fender Pro Reverb Blackface 2x12" Tube Amplifier

Can we get a heck yeah for this primo-condition blackface Pro Reverb? It was recently-serviced before coming into our shop, but the owner had me install a 3-prong cable and check it out before we list it for sale. He's an amp collector of sorts and this just happens to be one more at the moment!

This was the last year for blackface Fenders and this one sounds excellent. It's loud as a hurricane, has its original footswitch and speakers (though the latter are reconed), and is a lot cleaner than I normally see these. The only real "wear and tear" from the outside are two small holes in the grill-cloth.

Work included: a simple 3-prong cable install plus a checkup on all the internals. It's good to go. Previous repairs to the amp include a well-executed cap job (using F&T caps which are my preference, too) and reconing of the speakers. When I installed the 3-prong cable (it's a nice, long, 15-footer) I also bypassed the ground switch and accessory outlet so those no longer work.

It comes with: the cut-off original 2-prong cable and the original footswitch.

Here are some inside pics from before I installed the 3-prong cable. As you can see, old funky electrolytic caps have been replaced with new F&T caps where necessary.


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