Local Flavor: Talcville Hayride for November 1st

Thank you for everyone who came out on Thursday night to see our performers at the Talcville Hayride! Above is Woodchuck's Revenge going through the paces. He's playing a metallic brown/sunburst Rainsong. It's the best-looking one I've seen/heard so far!

Mr. Blue Vest with the kick-butt National electrified archtop guitar is Ted Wesley. He entertained us with fingerpicked blues-n-jazz in a very minor-key, '20s-'30s, old-fashioned style.

Miz Carol Reed banged-out some songs for us straight-off a weekend in Nashville. She played an original as well as a mix of Irish/American trad material.

Mr. John Griffith sung all originals save one cover. He's got a driving, modern crunch to his acoustic playing. By day, he fixes-up Volvos! I can well-appreciate that!