1960s Harmony H400 3w 1x8" Tube Amplifier

Behold a mighty 3 watts of power! This little practice amp must've been just a strange thing to start out on. At "clean" volume levels, it's about as loud as a decent acoustic. Once you get into "I hear you" volume, it's already breaking-up. To me this is not so much a practice amp as it is a low-volume, tube-distortion recording (or jamming with acoustic friends) buddy. You can go straight into wooly, blizzardy, rock-n-roll blues-machine grarrrr before you even hit 12 o'clock -- and you can talk with your buddies while doing so.

This is a friend's amp and it was acting-up when it arrived. He'd given me a 3-prong cord to ground it properly, but upon opening it up, I discovered a circuit that was not happy with that pronging, so while I installed the longer, heavier-duty new cable, it still operates as a 2-prong cord. So...

Work included: replacing any electrolytic capacitors in the circuit with new ones, the new cable install, and a set of new-old-stock US-made RCA tubes. That did the trick -- it now works as it should and sounds as ratty, dirty, grimy, and lovable as you'd expect.

Dimensions: 15 3/4" by 15 3/4" by 7 3/4"

It comes with: its "original" set of tubes -- two Harmony-branded US-made ones and one Japanese, 70s-era replacement. It also has a baggie of the old caps I replaced in the circuit.

It has 3 inputs and on control -- a volume knob -- which also doubles as the on/off.

Jacks 2 and 3 modify the tone just slightly (darker) while 1 is "straight-in."

It has an original Jensen, 1x8" Alnico-magnet speaker.


phogue said…
Sounds pretty cool!